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When do I need to File a Long Form Financial Statement and why is important to my case?

July 2012 By: Tom Weschler Jr., Esquire Many people hate filing out the Long Form Financial Statement because it takes a lot of effort to fill it out property.  But the Long Form Financial Statement is very important because the court relies on this form to determine how much alimony and child support to award […]


As with all the attorneys at Haspel & McLeod, P.C., our associate, Tom Weschler has been extremely involved in various local, county and state bar associations.  Tom holds or has held several positions within various committees with the several bar associations as well as being a past graduate of the Maryland State Bar Associations’ Leadership […]

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Welcome to Haspel & McLeod, PC.We are a small five attorney law firm with offices located in Rockville and Frederick, Maryland. We limit our area of practice to family law but we work with outside experts in other fields such as financial planners, accountants, mental health professionals and private investigators to provide the best outcome […]