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Experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Clients’ Rights

Skilled advocates in Frederick and Rockville act to preserve your freedom and future

When you have been charged with a crime, you may feel the system is stacked against you. Authorities use intimidation and confusion to coerce defendants into giving up their rights. That’s why no matter what type of criminal charge you face, you need a strong legal advocate fighting on your behalf. At Haspel, McLeod & Drawbaugh, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys offer aggressive representation to clients throughout Frederick, Washington and Montgomery counties on a wide range of criminal charges. Even if you believe that you are best served by pleading guilty, we can ensure that you are treated fairly when negotiating an appropriate sentence.

Accomplished criminal law attorneys develop targeted strategies to defend clients

Sometimes, the fear and embarrassment associated with an arrest convince people to handle their own criminal defense. That choice is almost always a bad one, leading to a much harsher sentence. Even if you believe that the authorities have a strong case against you, one of our skilled lawyers can identify potential issues that might lead to a dismissal, acquittal or satisfactory plea agreement. These might include:

  • Illegal arrest — Police officers must have probable cause in order to make an arrest. This means that they have knowledge that would convince a reasonable person that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed. If you believe that you were detained without proper justification, we will press to have associated evidence excluded.
  • Improper evidence — Materials and information collected improperly can be excluded from your trial. It can be difficult to know exactly what evidence might be admissible, and numerous exceptions apply, so detailed advice from a knowledgeable lawyer is crucial. Our attorneys can also assess whether specific evidence might be challenged because it is irrelevant or overly prejudicial.
  • Inappropriate charges — Prosecutors commonly issue charges that are much more severe than the facts warrant. They do this to induce defendants into accepting plea agreements that do not serve their best interests. We understand each element of state and federal criminal laws and won’t allow our clients to be brought up on inappropriate charges.

Whether you need a DUI attorney, assistance with a drug charge, or a lawyer to handle a violent felony charge such as murder or manslaughter, we will give you the forceful, knowledgeable defense that you are entitled to.

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Haspel, McLeod & Drawbaugh, P.C. defends Maryland clients against all types of criminal allegations. Please call 301-631-0592 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at one of our offices, located in Frederick, Hagerstown and Rockville.

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