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Resolving Your Family Law Issues Through Effective ADR Tools

Divorce does not always lead to aggressive litigation. Families often benefit when couples find common ground through negotiation and cooperation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques provide a method for resolving conflicts outside the hostile environment of a courtroom. The Rockville and Frederick divorce lawyers at McLeod, Weschler & Yeager, P.C., are trained to settle family law disputes through ADR if it’s in your best interests to do so. They employ ADR tools to help families throughout Frederick, Montgomery and Howard counties resolve issues involving:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Third-party custody
  • Division of marital assets

Collaborative Divorce Method To Create Equitable Solutions

The method of collaborative divorce promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and openness. The process empowers couples to decide how they want to split assets and debts, create parenting plans and allocate financial child support. The forum gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions. If appropriate for your case, you and your spouse may choose to involve experts – such as child counselors or financial planners – who can assist you in making the best decisions for your family. Both spouses must reach a full agreement at the conclusion of the collaborative sessions for a judgment to take effect.

Mediators Guiding You Through The Process

Our mediators, Gwendolen C. Lesh McLeod and Thomas M. Weschler Jr., possess extensive experience resolving family conflicts using this effective method. As mediators, they guide you and your spouse toward a mutual agreement that reflects your goals.

Our lawyers also represent clients who are involved in the mediation process. When they accompany you to mediation, they thoroughly discuss your objectives prior to your mediation session, organize your documentation and develop decisive strategies geared toward an equitable resolution of your family law case that meet your personal objectives.

Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR methods are not appropriate for all marriage dissolutions. Use of the formal judicial trial process is often necessary in cases of abuse or fierce hostility. However, we are often successful in reaching mutual agreements with spouses who are initially unwilling to compromise. Mediation saves the time and expense of trial, relieves the stress of lingering litigation and preserves amicability. Your children benefit when parents remain cordial after divorce. If you must continue to make child-rearing decisions with your ex-spouse, avoiding the conflict of trial can also minimize the discomfort associated with your parenting relationship with your former partner.

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