Experienced Family Law Attorneys Fighting For You

Your Experienced And Aggressive High-Asset Divorce Team

At McLeod, Weschler & Yeager, P.C., we bring more than 70 years of combined legal experience to the table to help our clients achieve their goals in complex divorces. We are diligent and persistent in identifying and valuing assets while fighting for an equitable settlement.

Our divorce attorneys regularly handle divorces involving:

  • Investment assets
  • Pension plans, 401(k), IRA and other types of retirement accounts
  • Bonuses and stock options
  • Foreign held investments
  • Vacation homes and rental properties
  • Professional practices
  • Businesses or closely held corporations

Our time in practice has allowed us to hone our skills as we negotiate with opposing counsel. We put our knowledge and experience to work to identify opportunities for collaboration and bring a close to the proceedings as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our attorneys are also known in courts throughout Maryland as strong litigators who get results for our clients.

Finding Every Hidden Asset And Valuating It Fairly

Our lawyers have extensive experience identifying and valuing assets during the property division process, particularly in hotly contested divorces. We know where to look for hidden or dissipated assets and how to prove their existence. Frequently, we work with a roster of professionals such as forensic accountants, experts in business valuation and private investigators to bolster your claim. Through the strategic use of contracts and other agreements, we can even help you take proactive steps to protect your assets.

Get The Help You Need To Get The Outcome You Deserve

Divorce is always complicated, especially when significant assets are involved. Allow us to assist you by providing the knowledge and advocacy you deserve. To schedule your initial consultation with us, please call 301-850-7234 or send us an email. We have offices in Frederick and Rockville.