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We Help Parents Create Child Visitation Plans

When one divorced parent provides the primary home for a child, the other parent typically is awarded visitation rights. Maryland law values this parenting time so highly that even the noncustodial parent’s failure to make child support payments is not grounds for denying visitation. At McLeod, Weschler & Yeager, P.C., our lawyers help parents create visitation plans that benefit the child and the parents.

Mediation Assists Parents In Developing Visitation Schedules

Maryland courts encourage parents to cooperate in establishing a time-sharing schedule that will be in the best interest of the child. If the parents are not able to work together to create a schedule for parenting time, the courts have mediation resources that can help. Both of our firm’s attorneys, Gwen McLeod and Thomas M. Weschler Jr., are mediators.

Gwen is a mediator who is regularly appointed by the court to mediate cases in Frederick and Montgomery counties. Gwen also is trained in collaborative law. At McLeod, Weschler & Yeager, P.C., our legal team helps parents maintain close relationships with their children after a divorce.

Tom is a mediator who is regularly appointed by the court to mediate cases in Frederick County. He often helps families reach agreements through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

Visitation Plans Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Parents have a number of options in creating child time-sharing arrangements. They can have a flexible schedule, a structured schedule that includes weekend and holidays, or a schedule that’s determined by the custodial parent. In cases in which the noncustodial parent has a history of abuse, supervised visitation may be appropriate.

When developing a time-sharing schedule, you should consider factors such as:

  • The child’s school schedule
  • Both parents’ work schedules
  • The child’s extracurricular activities
  • The schedules of siblings and close friends
  • Family traditions, such as holiday gatherings
  • The proximity of the parents’ homes
  • The child’s health-related requirements, such as doctor visits and medication routines
  • Your family’s unique personal issues

Our family lawyers at McLeod, Weschler & Yeager, P.C., are dedicated to helping you create a time-sharing plan that accommodates the realities of your schedule and the needs of your child. They work hard to ensure that your child isn’t shortchanged on parenting time after your divorce.

Can The Court Deny Visitation Altogether?

A Maryland court has the power to deny visitation to a parent. If visitation with the noncustodial parent has exposed the child to physical or emotional danger, the court should be notified and, if immediate action is warranted, so should the police.

Typically, the court will stop visitation for only a specified amount of time or until the noncustodial parent performs a specified task, such as completing a parenting course. The court can also order supervised visitation or therapeutic supervised visitation if it is in the child’s best interest and to protect the child.

What If My Ex-Spouse Is Obstructing Visitation?

If the custodial parent hinders or denies court-ordered visitation, the noncustodial parent can seek a contempt ruling from the court as well as a modification of the existing order. If the custodial parent consistently refuses to follow the visitation plan, our attorneys will pursue an enforcement action on your behalf.

Under Maryland law, the custodial parent cannot make visitation contingent on the payment of child support. Conversely, the noncustodial parent cannot stop making child support payments because they have been denied visitation. Both parents should keep in mind that ignoring court orders can have severe consequences, which could include jail time.

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